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hello. you are going to hate me.

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I guess I would start with the fact that our perceptions are NOT flawed. The stimuli that we receive via our physical senses and processed via our brains is accurate and is what it is. We experience reality accurately via our senses; it's not a hallucination or otherwise incorrect data.

[Man’s] senses do not provide him with automatic knowledge in separate snatches independent of context, but only with the material of knowledge, which his mind must learn to integrate . . . . His senses cannot deceive him, . . . physical objects cannot act without causes, . . . his organs of perception are physical and have no volition, no power to invent or to distort . . . the evidence they give him is an absolute, but his mind must learn to understand it, his mind must discover the nature, the causes, the full context of his sensory material, his mind must identify the things that he perceives.

For the New Intellectual Galt’s Speech, For the New Intellectual, 156.

Once you get past this we can move on to the other and too numerous to count errors you have made.

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