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Downtown pdx.

Crazy extreme animal rights protestor goes to the front sidewalk outside a fur store.

Douses himself, lights himself on fire and tries to run in screaming "they're killing animals! they're killing animals!"

..but alas... he lit himself before checking to see if the store was even open...

..he bounced off the locked door

and died

I do love a happy ending.

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This guy?


He apparently survived.

Damn, that means he can't get a Darwin Award. Maybe if he burned his nuts off, he'll still get a Living Darwin Award.

That report is from yesterday. The report I read this morning says he died. He didn't die at the scene.

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Oh, okay. Wow, so this is a pretty current event. (I never look at dates on stuff.)

I posted a comment on the article I linked you to. I'll cross-post it here.

We affiliate him with the fur protesters because he lit himself on fire in front of a fur store. If he were just some random kook who wanted to set himself on fire, he would've done it in some other random place. He picked that spot for a reason.

While I am strongly against whatever organization he was from, I can't rightfully blame them for this. The blame lies with the idiot who chose to light himself on fire in the first place.

You must understand the kind of mindset these people have. They are anti-human. Animals are more important to them than humans by virtue of their suffering. They're out to sacrifice humans to the animals, and apparently this man was even willing to sacrifice himself.

If he would have made a proper value judgment based on capabilities instead of suffering, he'd see that humans are more important.

I'm an animal lover, by the way. But I reserve my (animal) love for my dog and for other animals that I find beautiful, such as wolves and certain other canids. I don't make the leap to "I should love all animals equally. If I wouldn't eat a wolf, I shouldn't eat a cow either."

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