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Heavy Rain

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This game certainly doesn't appeal to everyone, but I think it looks interesting. I already have this reserved (free DLC with pre-order) and cannot wait til Feb 23. It looks to be one of the most unique games to come out during this generation with some unique gameplay and uses of the PS3 controller.

Unfortunately, I think this game will be overlooked and have poor sales. Most people seem to write it off as an interactive movie and cannot justify a $60 price tag for it. To me though it should have a lot of replability if you like finding out which descion effects stuff later on the game. Also I heard this game was inspired by the movie Seven, so that should be interesting.

So any other gamers think this game looks good or it's just not for you?

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It's hard to say. It comes down to the story and the gameplay. If it turns out to be good, then it's definitely for me :D. The hype is definitely there.

Also I heard this game was inspired by the movie Seven

A lot of things over the years have been inspired by / ripped off the movie Seven, unfortunately nothing that comes close to being in the same league as the original.

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The demo is supposed to be coming out on PSN tomorrow :D

How you come to different endings is going to be really interesting. Hopefully the decision-making process and the paths it leads to won’t feel like it’s on rails. I remember playing Indigo Prophecy on PS2, and Heavy Rain is going to be much better.

I’m anticipating that’s it’s going to sell better than expected, though certainly not in Modern Warfare 2 numbers. We can always use something new over a Madden 20xx!

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It's on my watch list. I'm going to wait for multiple reviews before I decide whether to pick it up. (The demo may also help.) I'm not exactly well-supplied with leisure time right now, and my limited gaming time is currently devoted to Mass Effect 2. Speaking of which, I need to get back to playing it.

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