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Recommend some art/culture blogs?

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Carrier of the Zero

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Hello all.

I was hoping some of you could recommend to me some Art and Culture blogs or sites (other than Big Hollywood) that analyze things from a rational and/or pro-Western Civ perspective. They don't HAVE to be Objectivist, but I'll be happy as long as I'm not reading a bunch of post-modern, critical theory nonsense.

I'm particularly interested in analyses of film, literature, pop culture, and genre fiction, but visual and fine arts are cool, too.

Thanks! :)

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Art Renewal Center: http://www.artrenewal.org/ Their definition of art was very close to Rand's. They against the concept of "abstraction" and criticize some big names like Picasso. Basically, they promote traditional 19th century western art.

Quent Cordair Fine Art: http://www.cordair.com/ They support Rand's Romantic theory, and capitalism. My friend Tenzing Shaw likes their art a lot. This site is little different from ARC, they have more modern subjects like business and technology.

You can also find some decent artist from Deviant art like this one here: http://antifan-real.deviantart.com/ There are lots junks floating around but they really have some great ones. Also don't go to the forms, its a place dedicated for losers and PCs.

Have a nice day.

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