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Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

Sorry for only posting a link and a headline, but I'm a little busy right now and just wanted to post the article here if it hadn't been already.

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Thanks, Alexandros.

The U-turn is a respite to be sure. Yet to be addressed is the basic premise, which actually is the same in most of our problem areas: the idea that government ought to "do something" whenever a problem arises.

Regardless of what weather does, warm up or grow increasingly colder, the best way to deal with such problems has been revealed overwhelmingly as being "freedom." When individuals are free to act on their own judgment, to invest their funds where they think those funds will do themselves the most good, the best have won out. Is there anyone in a North American city who remembers what it was like when horses were the main form of transportation, pre-automobile? The movies do not show the truth about that scenario, with piles of horse manure everywhere you went.

The secret to dealing with most climate issues, cooling and warming, is climate-controllable buildings for which we need reliable, affordable and relatively safe forms of energy. The key to doing that is getting government out of the economy. Unfortunately that point is not made in the Daily Mail article or editorial (for which a link can be found in Alexandros' link.)

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