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Crisis In Our Schools

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Here is a bit of continuation on my dialogue with Amy;

Tym: Hey Amy, I wonder if you could visit this school in Oakland and see if they can offer some info and ideas that will help your school.

March 17 at 10:30pm

Amy: I don't have the time or energy to look at this whole clip right now...from what little of it I did see, it seems to be about charter schools which I strongly oppose...I can explain why later...thanks for trying to help though

March 18 at 7:12pm

Tym: I would like to understand. Maybe there are good things to learn from other schools even if you oppose some aspects of them.

March 27 at 12:00pm

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The crisis in education is not a matter of teacher pay or hiring and firing. The crisis in education is that the children do not get an education. They do not get an education because their teachers are for the most part very poorly educated, and do not bother to educate the children in their classes.

Here we have all the moaning and groaning and desperation to find funding, and mobilize the "powers that be," and hit up the parents, etc. in order to do what? Save the Cantonese bi-lingual program?

We are undergoing a situation that is so ugly and degraded that it cannot be acknowledged. A conscientious parent would not send their child to school Monday morning if they realized the truth, and how would the world go on in that case?

I have nothing but scorn for teachers who ignore the schools' failure to educate, and indulge in complaining about funding. Monsters.


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