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The Poetry of Obama

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There is an interesting article in the American Thinker by Jack Cashill about a poem called "Pop" published in a student literary journal in 1981 under then 19-year old Barack Obama's name and similarities to Frank Marshall Davis, one of Obama's communist mentors and father figue, and the author's conclusions about Obama's past, which the media has all but ignored.


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Mr Obama's linguistic acheivements are interesting.He knows some Arabic.Mr. Black president, well done on beating white people in this historical election, here are some poems to congratulate you on being black and successful.I pleadge allegience, to the seal, of President Elect Barack Obama.And to the creepy Obama Youth Movement for which he stands,

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I don't "get" poetry, but let's face it every 19-year-old tries tow rite poetry and it usually sucks. It's just the law of the galaxy babies cry 19-year-olds write poetry

My first thought was all the poetry I used to write. It was along the same vein as Barak's; mindless rambling about whatever thought entered my head put into neat little stanzas. HORRIBLE.

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