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Objectivists Speak Out Against ObamaCare

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On his Facebook page, Andrew Bernstein makes this stirring pledge against ObamaCare:

"If the government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me. I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on my website, on Facebook, to my students, in my lectures, and on the radio. I will fight this in the courts--or will the DC Fascists suspend the right to trial by jury? I suspect--and hope--that millions of Americans will do the same."


Jared Rhoads of the Lucidicus Project has a new OpEd, "All Talk, No Debate".

Don Watkins of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights discusses the basic moral issue, "You Are Not Your Brother's Health Care Provider".

Jeff Scialabba of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights discusses: "Obama's Flawed Prescription for Health Care".


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I'd be willing to break the doctor out if the DC Fascists haven't already locked me up for refusing to "trade" with them.

Yet there is an opportunity here. We could call together the first local Objectivist Society meeting in a prison.

The irony of holding a meeting of minds dedicated to reason in a place where reason is not possible is, I hope, not lost on you. :D

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