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James Randi Comes Out of the Closet

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The most interesting NON-POLITICAL news story for me over this past weekend was that James Randi, one of the leading proponents of the scientific skepticism, is in fact a gay man. He chose to come "out of the closet" this past weekend on his blog and on an internet radio show.

Here's a link to his interview with the radio show "For Good Reason with D.J. Grothe":

James Randi: A Skeptic Comes Out at 81

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It's really sad that he gathered the courage to come out of the closet when he turned 85.. it really is.


My god! you have him older than he is! He's only 81.

Don't you think he's endured enough?

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Well, as he admits, it's not like the people close to him were oblivious to it. As far as he goes, he's better equipped to fight the battle on the front he's been fighting on for many, many years. I certainly don't mind that he's just now coming out of the closet when he's done so much to debunk and expose humbug (and inspire Penn & Teller to do the same.)

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