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Harry Binswanger For Bush

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I must say I was surprised to see MisterSwig designated as a moderator.

It is not only his attitude which needs adjustment.

He has a fundamental misunderstanding of the inherent value of life as opposed to death, demonstrated on this forum in Basic Questions: "Is there ever a case where we should help another, (...)"


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Great point, Janet.  The so-called Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform (BCFR) is a disaster and a terrible precedent.  It needs repealing. 

The First Amendment Restoration Act has been introduced in Congress as Senate Resolution S.2702.IS and in the House as HR 3801.IH.  The Act does not repeal the entire BCFR law.  However, Senator Chambliss, who introduced the Senate version, has assured me that this legislation removes the limitations on speech imposed by the BCRA.  After reading the Act and the relevant sections of 2 U.S.C 441b, I believe him.

We should pressure our Congressional representatives to pass this bill ASAP.

I don't know how I've missed this! :lol: Thank you for the information.

This is a needed first step and I'm not surprised that they are taking it. You are right to point out the precedent this law represents. Each party thought that McCain-Feingold would give them a particular edge over the other. They hadn't counted on the creativity of the American people, or on the democratizing power of the Internet. The whole thimg smells of comtempt for the voters. If it had not backfired, showing in spectacular fashion that their grab for power actually caused them to lose what control they did have over the election process, they would not be motivated to appeal it now. The same incentive that induced them to enact the law in the first place is still in play, and they have seen that the media and the American people will put up with having this most explicit right abrogated without much squawking.

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