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Clothing in relation to Self-Esteem

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Interesting take, but some who dress poorly would claim their lack of attention to appearance as evidence that they are secure with their self image, therefore they have high self esteem. But I think that the occasion matters quite a bit. I don't think the outfit one wears while grocery shopping is a good indicator of one's self esteem. Most of the time I'd prefer to be in PJs, for instance, but that doesn't mean I'm depressed by the thought of myself. On the other hand, I'd never go to work or out for cocktails in PJs, and I'd almost never go to a costume party in them.


I often get compliments from others because of my ensembles. Little do they know most items they find interesting are secondhand clothes scored online - vintage, as I'd put it. There are times, though, when I practically live in ratty oversized jerseys and recycled tennis shoes. Not being that mindful of one's appearance, particularly one's choice of clothing, doesn't equate to low self-esteem. If anything, whenever I don my worn-out, albeit comfy outfits, I'm showing a great deal of confidence. Why's that? Well, cause I couldn't care less what others may think of me. I know I'm fab as is. And there's nothing better than being comf, right?

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And there's nothing better than being comf, right?
Well, other than being comfortable while looking good. Or being comfortable while looking astonishingly good.

Clothing has certain aspects that are objectively judged independent of self-esteem, such as a good-looking fit, a comfortable fit, color, variety, utility. Of course, all of those can relate to someone's self-esteem, also, depending on their appraisal of those elements in relation to themselves, in a given scenario.

All clothing can produce almost any feeling depending on the individual's judgement of it in an endless variety of contexts. I know that sounds broad and general, but so is the subject of "Clothing in relation to self-esteem." One would need to specify which clothing and which context.

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