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Hi everyone

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lol. Gripple appears to be a person of few words.

So Gripple, tell us about yourself. More than 4 words would be helpful. Pixels are free(ish)

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Well, after such a warm welcome, perhaps gripple spent the intervening time trying to determine whether Objectivism required one to be uncompromisingly rude.

Sums it up. At the same time, it's good to see some warm welcomes!

My interest in Objectivism began in high school by reading Anthem. Afterwards, I took a more systematic approach to learning the philosophy. Right now I'm translating OPAR into Japanese.

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First, which one of us is the walrus?

I believe John said it was him. Then later on, he said it was Paul. :)

Hi everyone. I, too, am an Objectivist, and am new to the forum. It all started with Gene Burns (Libertarian NY radio talk show host at the time), moved on to Robert J Ringer(Author of "Restoring The American Dream"), and thankfully, ended up with Ayn Rand.

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