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ICP - Miracles

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I usually don't listen to these guys much, and I don't really know much about them at all. But a friend of mine who's not really into them either just showed me this video today, and my first impression of it is that it's pretty beautiful and amazing.

It's hard for me to tell, whether the video overall is mystical or promotes the realization of human potential.

Miracles each and every where you look, and nobody has to stay where they put, this world is yours, for you to explore, it's nothin' but miracles, beyond your doors...

That lyric particularly stood out for me as at least Objectivist-friendly. Out of the context of whatever else these guys may have made, I think this is a pretty good video.

Although, if my limited knowledge about them is true, they're basically pulling this target-audience of angry kids together into a big family of sorts, and secretly sneaking Christian values into their lives. Which I thought was noble when I first heard this factoid years ago, but now seems at least very misguided.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: On second thought, I think they are basically subtley promoting Christianity-type ways of thinking in this video.

And I don't wanna talk to a scientist. Y'all motherfuckers lyin', and gettin' me pissed.

It may be an appeal to look at the wonders of the world in a purely emotional way, and a rejection of looking at it with science, reasoning, etc.

It's kinda hard to tell. I still like the video though.

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I found the video hilarious, but for the sheer ridiculousness of how stupid it and the lyrics are. They are completely promoting their Christian faith with it. The song clearly represents choosing to be ignorant. It's basically saying "lets not try to discover how things work or anything about our world/universe and instead just stand back and say "its a FUCKIN MIRACLE, YO." The line about scientists should state that pretty clearly.

It's completely the opposite of what an Objectivist believes, but like I said, I found value in making fun of it. :P

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Yea, I have the album this song is on and it is decidedly not Objectivist friendly. There is an explicit rejection and hatred of science expressed in the lyrics of this song. Aside from that, when you move on to Juggalo Island, you have a song devoted to almost pure hedonism.

Despite the usually hideous message in their music, I'm strangely attracted to it almost in the same way that people are attracted to horror movies (it being not-surprisingly called Horrorcore Rap). I'm frequently fascinated by art and media that is considered "controversial".

It is little known that in some jurisdictions, just listening to this music is enough for a person to be suspected of being a gang member (that 'gang' being the Juggalos). While the ideas expressed in ICP's music are scary enough, it's even scarier to me to think that there are some local governments that identify you and label you as dangerous because of your choice in music. While there is a connection in some small amount of cases between ICP music and crime, there certainly is no causal connection and there is no organization to the Juggalos such as there is with groups like the Bloods or the Crips.

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I went to highschool with "Juggalos" (or whatever). That is the name they give to their fans. They all where their shirts. They are very collectivist, and extremely violent. It got so bad at my brother's highschool that they beat up some Arab kid (hospitalized him) in the bathroom for being an Arab. The school classified ICP apparel as gang paraphernalia.

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Ghahaha, I also kinda suspected they were just screwing around. The rejection of the scientist and the lyric about looking around without explanation or something makes it obvious.

For some reason I find myself watching the video over and over again though.

I wasn't aware the Juggalos were that bad. An online friend of mine is one and she described them as like, a big family. If you're wearing ICP stuff, other ICP fans will come out of nowhere and give you a heartfelt hug or something. But she did also warn me that they're dangerous. Which was an impression I already had of them.

Besides this song, I have a song of theirs called The Dating Game. It's friggin' hilarious. xD I guess I kinda like them for the shock value, and I think their attempt to instill Christian values in their fans with an "angry music" front could've had a lot of potential if they'd tried some -good- values instead of Christian/Hedonistic/whatever they're going for now.

EDIT: I have that song, Dante. Very good song. I never thought that deeply about it, but I like it for the fact that it is basically lifting the guy up for his hard work.

I'm usually not into rap. I just got a really good (first) impression of this ICP video and when that happens to me, I like to share whatever caused it with people. xD It was really hilarious how they were cussin' and stuff, but besides that, it seemed like an inspirational video at first until I realized it was anti-reason.

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I have a lot of friends who are juggalos, and I'm pretty sure that ICP isn't trying to promote Christianity. This song also seems too much like a joke to me.

But it is rather humorous that they talk about "ghosts" being a miracle, as if ghosts have been proven to exist.

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I kept seeing this and related image around the internet and thought it was just a gnereal shot at the sheer stupidity of the juggalo community.

Then I googled "magic everywhere in this bitch".

The absolute horror that I felt as I read the lyrics can not be conveyed. No amount of head shaking could ever even begin to communicate my disgust.

The song promotes epistemological nihilism.

"Magnets, How the fuck do they work"?

"Well you see, it actually has a lot to do w..."


Rage. Rage all over the place.

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Listening to that interview, I kind of think these guys actually are pretty cool. And his explanation of what he was trying to get at with their usage of the word miracles fits what I took out of the video. That the whole world is fascinating.

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