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Ayn Rand Speaks personally on objectivism to me

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Hi, this is my first my post and I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I used to know Ayn Rand back when I lived in New York City and taped a very interesting interview with her, In this newly released interview made in 1980 at her home in New York, Ayn Rand talks with me about the essential principles of her philosophy, Objectivism; how the virtue of selfishness is prescribed by man’s nature; why the question “What is the purpose of life?” is an improper one; her standards for judging the morality of others, including family; and much more. Listen as Miss Rand identifies the fundamental conflict between the American and European sense of life and the missing ingredient to America’s near-perfect politics in her very own words. 56 mins. To purchase please visit my blog where I have over 250 short posts that I have written. http://stampedingherd.blogspot.com/

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