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Socio-Political Situation in the US

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On several of the web-forums that I visit, I have seen people abusing politicians in manner befitting only primitive societies. ‘Grave’ would be a very mild word to describe the divisive emotional atmosphere in US (e.g. resorting to racist abuses / charges etc). With the proclaimed communists having entered the White House, I believe it is well past the time that people with similar political goals, viz. a small, restrained government and maximum freedom to the individual, came to an understanding for the purpose of reducing this government, while maintaining and declaring differences amongst themselves. Those interested may find following write-up to be contributing towards this:


The link to download the file is at the bottom of the page that appears.

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Thanks. That was good advice. There is also a post by VcatoV about deterioration of democracy (his letter to Glenn Beck which I read after making this post) -- he and the responders there seem to be quite enthusiastic, I want to draw their attention, if something can be done.

Is the Current Political Turmoil in America an outcome of Intellectual Paralysis?

The current recession has deepened the social divide in the US to really worrisome levels. People are cursing and abusing rulers in manners fitting to primitive societies. Though talks of secession, separate currencies, call to arms etc are just surfacing (i.e. in initial stages only), yet the undertone is quite ominous. This is because of the nature of recession and government’s response to it, mainly intrusion into business, and the level of infringements made by the government over citizens’ rights. And the economic recovery is likely to be dangerous – a bigger dip seems to be in the offing, because of irrational “solutions” like “pump-priming”, “stimulus” etc. (PS: While posting this piece, they have just injected $1 trillion (!) to make up for Europeans’ latest irresponsibility.)

It is time to review why “the greatest country in the history of mankind” is in such a bad / dangerous state.

The major cause I see is Intellectual Paralysis. The genesis of this crisis is not without precedence in history – rather it is repetitious, analyzed to some extent in the past (from where men had effected improvements like the Founding Fathers of US studying Roman Republic), and well documented. But men have never completely overcome it – because they have never fully understood it – and the same evil has been defeating civilization again and again – and every time it strikes, the intellectuals go helter-skelter.

If we take a review of mankind’s history since primordial times, this aspect will become clear.

Note: While reading this write-up please note: Mankind’s progress is a tortuous struggle from ignorance towards enlightenment, in which the better men had to pay for every achievement. So while the progress made by some tribe / civilization is lauded, its lacks have to be looked at as a legacy of past darkness. An example of this, referred to below, is the abolition of slavery achieved by the Americans. Progress towards it started since times of Greek democracy, but from Greeks to Jefferson, everybody owned slaves – this was because of a darker legacy over which they achieved progress. Same applies to their being “Christians” – that was a legacy of the past over which they achieved substantial, but unfortunately, not full progress.

Also Note: A small part of this write-up was presented on some forums, so may be a bit repetitious. But it is necessary for the important conclusion of intellectual paralysis at the end.

Acronyms like 2EBBPs (= GOP & Dems), FFs, FF-Govt, LT0.5%Gs are defined in the write-up.

Tribal Life and Start of Liberty:

The tribal life, mainly based on hunting, automatically had to be a combination of freedom and controls. Everyone had to contribute, except in times of incapacitation (like pregnancy, ill-health etc). Further, the tribal had to remain bound to the tribe because man was quite fragile in front of the animals of prey – he did not have their special tools such as fangs, claws, muscles and speed – so numbers and joint action was his only means of survival. But when the tribes settled as agrarian societies leading to separate families, primitive professions like black-smith, private ownership etc, individualism crept in because mind came to be much more relied on as the means of survival as compared to the collective action of the tribal hunters. The mind does not work collectively, it is an attribute of the individual – hence difference in performance and out-put, and so individualism.

Even though today’s theories of individualism were not developed in tribal times, the individual-versus-tribe clash is seen as developing since then – Homer’s Achilles is an example when he decried: “I do the maximum work, but the booty is shared equally”. (Note: Looting other tribes is not individualism, but it was their established “way of life” – Achilles’ argument was individualism creeping in.) Individualism implies men dealing with each-other only based on mutual consent and not imposing their thoughts on anybody else. It means liberty of each man from other men.

(On one O’ist site they were discussing how land ownership came into existence – the above is how it literally “crept in” all over the earth, independent in each society of other societies.)

Liberty is the best for individuals and for civilizations to prosper. The way good men could have achieved liberty from the tribe is by means of knowledge, which the agrarian societies had started developing. But since then evil men have been striving to destroy knowledge. This is the essence of the fight between good and evil since tribal times -- good men seeking Liberty versus the evil ones binding them to a collective by destroying knowledge.

Since majority of men are not evil (but philosophy imposed on them makes them fanatic) and endeavor to live a peaceful life independent of each other, evil men and criminals pose a limited threat that can be countered by joint action of instituting a good government. (A lot of men become immoral during degeneration of democracies – and real danger to better men comes from evil intellectuals). A good government protects citizens’ lives and earnings from internal and external aggression and fraud, but does not violate their liberty! To form a good government takes a lot of knowledge, which is very difficult to achieve -- but easy to destroy, more so because even good men are not infallible. Only when evil takes over government, it binds society into such a vicious circle (by imposition of evil philosophy) that it is difficult to overcome it -- and therefore evil has ruled much longer over human societies than good.

Religion and its doing:

In their quest for knowledge, the path of primitive men was blocked by a phenomenon that developed simultaneously all over the world (but independent of each other) and came to be known as “Religion”. White people are well aware of what “Dark Ages” had reduced them to, against their today’s strength – but this is not specific to “Christian welfare”, it’s the same with all other “pious religions”, perhaps more gruesome and destructive. Despite their wars with each-other (and superficial differences), religions share common tenets, the most important of which is the base of their political system that ego being the root of all evil on earth, it should be crushed. By ego and selfishness what they mean is man’s Liberty. Binding men into vicious circle of its murderous philosophy, religion took away everything, including men as slaves, for thousands of years in some cases. Religion is the first major, large-scale instance of collapse of civilization at the hands of evil. (The reason for different religions’ uniform victory all over the earth, independent of each-other, is important for study purposes, and is given ahead.)

The Exception of Greeks and Romans:

One great attempt at liberty was made by the Greeks. They first conceived (to the extent of their knowledge, though slavery too existed), a government that granted freedom and equality at least to all “free men” -- democracy of unlimited majority rule. Based on the Greek experience, the Romans developed a Republic with provisions against misuse of power. Since the Romans too were not infallible, they started slipping at some stage; war-mongering eroded the economy and gave way to misuse of power, leading to several internal fights till the Republic transformed into a dictatorship. Society degenerated and was soon taken over by Christianity leading to “The Dark Ages”. (Christianity could not have conquered them without internal fights and degeneration of the republic.) Knowledge was destroyed to the extent that, whether the earth is round and moves round the sun or vice-versa, became an issue that vigorously agitated entire Europe – despite the heights reached by Greeks!

Re-discovery of Republic

After organized religion had its run of evil (complete destruction of knowledge and individual liberty), Europeans took an inventory why “pious religion” degenerated to such lowly depths of immorality on all fronts – and concluded – absolute power in the hands of priests and no Liberty to individuals, was the cause for it. This brought into consideration, the Roman Republic, and despite some lacunae, the American Republic was the best amongst all rules achieved by men so far, and conformed to what better Americans are today striving for: Small restrained government and maximum freedom to the individual. Ahead, I have called it as the FF-Govt, established by the Founding Fathers (FFs) of US.

These three rules – Greek, Roman and modern western have brought in most of mankind’s knowledge, which is why most of the world is copying them today.

Same Evil Strikes again – but Mankind Refuses to Learn – And so also the Intellectuals:

Evil had to strike again – but because the doings of the priests had been exposed it had to adopt a new form, like old wine in new bottle. This came in two variants: Communism and Welfare-state. Politically, both are the same as religion that man should give up his freedom to serve the collective. Like the religionists they too use allegations against the ego as their excuse for abolishing man’s Liberty. The two look different because communism usurps brazenly and glaringly while welfare-state is imperceptible slow-poisoning.

That state-ownership of the means of production (i.e. denying liberty to the individual) does not work at all, but rather it is a concept purposefully propagated by the evil for collapse of society, is amply demonstrated in modern times – dissolution of Soviet Russia is just one instance of it – even with the maximum amount of natural resources available to a totalitarian super-power, they still collapsed. Prior to collapse they repeated religion’s feat of mass-murder: the state taking over everything that belonged to the citizens, including even the citizens as slaves – they had harems, stud-farms, palaces, slaves and even gold-lined tunnels; and not merely the top rulers but all levels of hierarchy. Today, Russia and China continue being communists and also boast of the most dynamic stock exchanges, inducting every institution of capitalism!

The whole communist movement forms an important message for mankind. Men gave up everything and fought wars for the communists. The murderous state took everything, never gave anything till it collapsed!

There is only one shocking observation – that mankind refuses to learn anything from that murderous movement going on for more than 200 years now!

Therefore, there is an even more important message in this matter – especially to intellectuals working for reforms in American governance: Today it is beyond doubt that the majority doesn’t want to learn from 200 years of open display (and numerous examples) of this murder and destruction – it is not so in the illiterate, starved populaces of undeveloped countries, but is seen in the (once) enlightened masses of western countries. Despite the murders of communists, the westerners insist on treading the same path via the welfare-state alternative – and the slide has accelerated after the dissolution of Soviet Russia. Therefore those wanting to reform the masses should learn that traditional solutions including “great philosophies” are not working – that they are wrong somewhere or missing something. (Their conceit may not allow them to accept it, but this is the fact.)

Welfare-state’s slow-poisoning is more harmful. While the American Republic was formed as an FF-Govt, somewhere mid-way it was vitiated by “just a little bit” of welfare-statism because of the remnants of Christianity. This was continuously increased incrementally till the original republic is completely over-turned. The Russian press recently commented: 20 years after fall of Berlin wall the EU has now become EUSSR – and the US has far surpassed it! (One minor point – apart from the major one being handled here – the intellectuals keep engaging in arguments that still presume America to be a capitalist country – and instead of seizing the opportunity to attack American socialism, foolishly try to defend capitalism against today’s fall-out of that socialism, while the evil uses the situation to further bury capitalism! I am surprised by this – nobody has said that this recession is a failure of American socialism, not of capitalism -- that the grandeur belongs to remnants of 19th capitalism (which was mangled decades back), and failure to component of socialism being increased during those decades! Also note another point is very similar to this one: Today, racism simply means white-racism – one will be astonished, if a proper analysis is made, to know that the Anglo Saxons are the only and the greatest emancipator in the history of mankind – and the so emancipated people have today immobilized them by throwing dirtiest allegations of racism at them -- just minor instances of intellectual paralysis, nothing more.)

Still, the important point is different – What American politicians have done is not a “first time genius” – they have just repeated a classic and well-documented performance! (This is the repetitious part, but needed for the intellectual paralysis shown after it.) See how old the original is: A man named Plato wrote, to surprising accuracy, what the Romans a few centuries later, and then the Americans 2400 years later, would exactly do -- only that intellectuals have not taken lessons out of history. (I am not an admirer of Plato’s philosophy; rather consider his “Philosopher-Ruler” to be every rational man’s biggest enemy. But Plato has made one of the most important and original comments on the decay of society, Greeks and Romans learnt a lot from it, and Americans from the Romans, like for example, Washington’s admiration of Cato. Yet nobody has been able to bring a solution to the problem of collapse of democracy.) Following statements are quoted serially (instead of paragraph) from his “The Republic”, followed by my comments:

Comments on Quotes about Democracy And The “Collapse Clause”:

Statement: The characteristic of the democracy is equal freedom and open speech to all, with liberty to each man to shape his own life as he chooses.

Comment: This very important clause of democracy should be called as its “Freedom and Equality Clause”. But it also includes a crucially important characteristic because of which I have also called it as the “Collapse Clause of Democracy”. Apart from ensuring liberty and bringing in political equality, this clause allows the majority to demand everything from the state, and the rest of the erosion to collapse proceeds from there.

Statement: …. even horses, asses and dogs go free about, so that they run against you in the road, if you do not make way for them. ……

Comment: Today’s US may be different from this in terms of material wealth, but small-town rural India is similar!

Statements: The subversion of such a democracy arises from men who rise to be popular leaders in it: violent, ambitious, extravagant men who gain the favor of the people by distributing amongst them confiscations from the property of the rich.

He begins his rule by some “acceptable measures”, such as abolition of debts, and assignment of lands to the poorer citizens, until he has expelled or destroyed the parties opposed to him.

Comment: (Plato should have used the words “populist measures” instead of “acceptable measures” in the above sentence.) This role has today been taken up in the US by the Democrats, in India by several parties etc. Direct confiscation is sometimes resorted to (known as nationalization), but the major means today is ‘printing excess notes’. Granting debts and then waiving them off and expanding reservation of government jobs (as affirmative action) prior to important elections, are common tricks in India. As per reports, the communists have an appreciable clout in the White-House – nothing is blasphemous any more! (India and USA may be far apart on certain parameters – point is about the similarity of how democracy functions.)

Statement: He seeks pretences for foreign wars, in order that the people may stand in need of a leader, and may be kept poor by the contributions necessary to sustain war.

Comment: This role is taken up in the US mainly by the GOP as an answer to Dems’ onslaught of ‘socialism’. In India, a large ‘conservative’ party is raring to take it up. It will be difficult for both these parties to give up this role – they will not have an election pitch. The conservatives may gloat that they have fooled the whole world and taken over all of Europeans’ colonies (the US has its military establishments in more than 125 countries), but this, along with its accompanying debt-mountain, is the historic cause of collapse of better empires like Rome and Britain! So they have only fooled America. (Detailed write-up on the doings of GOP regarding this, and its implications today, are available elsewhere. America is only retracing the foot-steps of Rome, and in fact, Britain has led them by the finger held by an admirer – Wilson – but intellectuals have never even mentioned this, let alone drawn any inferences.)

Statements: The rich, resisting these injustices, become enemies to the constitution.

The people, in order to put them down, range themselves under the banners of the most energetic popular leader, who takes advantage of such a position to render himself a despot.

But presently he finds, or suspects, dissatisfaction among the more liberal spirits. He kills or banishes them as enemies.

Comment: These divisions are in nascent stage in the US because division of society into warring groups has just begun, but the original US constitution is now rendered substantially useless to protect the individual. The massive “anti-capitalism” protests there are mark of ‘rich-poor’ division, but meaningless because capitalism does not even exist there. There are reports of socialists intending to distribute top 5% Americans’ wealth to remaining 95%. Talks of secession and states shifting to their own currencies have surfaced. In India the groups have taken a definite form in different regions, and are now set to coalesce into larger groups with more destructive powers.


The US is on the brink, but the rulers are strongly continuing the same agenda. This is because neither of the 2EBBPs (two equally bad big parties) that rule the US can adopt better policies – it is not in their hands for reasons given below.

Bell Shaped or Pyramidal Structure of Human Societies and Groups G1 and G2:

The reason why civilization fails on reaching upto democracy (which is a mandatory stop along the path of Liberty) is that it is taken over by the phenomenon of populism, after which moral degeneration starts. Populism’s destructive effect is aggravated by the typical structure of all human societies. This is a bell-shaped or a pyramidal structure whose “lower sections” form the “unthinking majority”, with whose help the evil intellectuals destroy civilization, the ones who do not accept that the state that promises everything actually intends to usurp everything. This group gains prominence during the decay of democracy. It is called group G1 here. (Starting from the lowest sections of society, G1 comprises of beggars, tramps, drunkards, addicts, hippies etc at the very bottom; laborers, peons, truck-drivers, lift-men, school and college drop-outs at the next level, and so on. Universally, group G1 forms about 80-85% of the populace of any society – in America it could be slightly less because of enlightenment. This group corresponds to Plato’s Men of Bronze – but the Brahmins had equated it with Shudras (untouchables) much prior to him; Christians and Muslims too had their names.) One person on a net forum criticized me for talking about “one piece solution” to democracy’s multitudinous, multifarious problems – but just above, another member said that most people do not think, but just vote. So it was possible to show them there itself, that this was the source of democracy’s multitudinous, multifarious problems – that most people do not think, and yet they over-whelmingly determine the government -- and the “one-piece solution” lay in handling this group G1 correctly!

Because of the numerical strength of this group, the 2EBBPs pander to its demands at the threat of extinction – if they take any steps not to the liking of these masses, they will be swept out of politics. Competition for populism keeps eroding moral values leading the democracy to the abyss. The 2EBBPs have got channelized within a groove and are forced to so compete that they keep taking small, imperceptible steps, one at a time, towards collapse – and the key to stemming today’s slide lies in pulling them out of this channel of populism.

Because of the above reasons the intellectuals should not expect so easily a change in the policies of the 2EBBPs and should also realize that ‘reforming’ G1 is not a simple matter – rather, if they are trying traditional methods, then they are wrong somewhere, or missing something.

There is another large group of voters, G2, located above Group G1 in the social pyramid, which has thinking capacity (professionals, educated middle-classes, businessmen etc), does not want populism, and is tired of the 2EBBPs. (These are Plato’s Men of Silver, Brahmins’ Kshatriyas-Vaishyas, European nobility etc). Universally, this group is about 15% of the entire society; in America it could be larger because of enlightenment.) But this group needs intellectual leadership and in its absence helplessly divides itself between the two parties for lack of an alternative. Capturing this group is important because it can be the catalyst for political change. G2 is the best tool of education of the masses (intellectuals please note) – good ideas percolate from it to them, and when these stop, the bad ones take over by default.

Moral Degeneration and Collapse due to democracy:

Populism and doles lead to citizens losing respect for productive work, and government getting mired in debt-mountains. Example, the deterioration in US labor productivity since 1960s due to government support to unions. But that does not matter to the populace and their “popular leaders” – they continue with the same policies. The populace will not elect better politicians who do not distribute doles. That’s why this century’s politicians are midgets as compared to the FFs – but then the FFs would not get elected in this century! Even if rarely elected, these upright men become ineffective because of ganging up by populist politicians. The populists are also tempted to use power for gains by forcing businessmen into alliances with them. In general, honest men are put to disadvantage in all fields -- professions, science, business, bureaucracy – even an upright worker against the union.

This is the root of today’s wide-spread plutocracy, hijacking of bail-out money, communists in the White-House, evoking wars to satisfy MNC interests, lethargic, malingering workers etc – and all-round demand of doles from all quarters, accompanied by wide-spread corruption. (As pointed out by some, the 2EBBPs may even be winking at the success of their partnership!) Slowly, pressure-group games will change into corporate wars – i.e. internal division of society, wherein honesty will be the casualty! Finally, the casualty will be America as predicted by many from Plato to Madison and Adams.

The Small Groups (LT0.5%G) – the Intellectuals -- And Their Problems:

Apart from the large groups G1 and G2, there are several smaller groups of intellectuals like the Humanists, Objectivists, Libertarians, Constitution Party etc, of better political thought – yet the ones who need lessons rather than the masses.

Amongst these groups, a caution about the Objectivists: they are far less in number than the sale of Ayn Rand’s books (and sufficiently divided internally). The conservatives are using her for mass-deception – they remember her when out of power, and forget her on regaining it. (They have already taken over the tea-parties and even declared their future agenda – enough cause for anxiety rather than euphoria! These are 2 more examples of non-operation of intelligence – nobody pointing out that GOP has fooled America about the scare of Communism and Islam for their empire building and debt-mountain; and that they very opportunistically use Ayn Rand’s name and forget her later. (Once GOP assumes power and brings out its “controversial issues”, the euphoria is likely to fade away, and the other side will “resurge” – that is the pattern so far. But – the US being an unprecedented phenomenon, a very small margin, say 1% or less, is granted as a benefit of doubt for possible turnaround.))

Some of these, particularly the libertarians, are trying to establish an FF-Govt. But their strong inter and intra divisions make them almost the strongest enemies of each other. Politically, these groups would get only a fractional percentage of votes – so I have called them as LT0.5%G (less than 0.5% groups). If they joined hands for the sole purpose of influencing the government towards an FF-Govt (appropriately declaring their differences), they would have a better impact, first because of their joint numbers, but more importantly, by becoming the point of attraction for the second large group G2, to spread better ideas in society.

Their strong inter and intra divisions reveal that these groups have absolutely not understood the meaning of Difference of Opinion and Freedom of Mind. A big-government will create many objectionable / debatable issues by encroaching upon the domain of citizens’ rights. Analyzing these myriad issues is useless; one will never have uniformity of thought over them because that is the implication of “freedom of the mind”. But fighting over these issues itself is a mark of foolishness – it diverts from the most fundamental issue that the size of the government needs to be reduced, and once that is achieved, most other issues will automatically vanish.

Their intra and inter divisions over trivia reveal their striving for perfection, which is generally correct except in the political arena. Further, they also expect to some day convert the world to their “perfect philosophy”, which is impossible for the same reason why all men cannot be Galileo, Pasteur, Newton -- most men are incapable, which is why great men have special place in man-kind’s history. Their perfection is besides the point in democracy (and democracy cannot be given up if freedom of mind is to be preserved). The ‘unthinking masses’ who determine the outcome of elections, do not care for science or perfection, all they care for is doles, populism, slogans and war, which the 2EBBPs are forced to offer in every election.

An FF-Govt forces all people to live according to their free-market-ability – protecting the “perfectionists” from tyranny of majority. This is what rational men should want – but with their conceit, the “perfectionists” give up the chance to limit the government.

The ‘thinking group’ G2 is forced to vote for one of the 2EBBPs, other-wise it’s a wasted vote to a negligible even if better party. This forms a vicious circle strengthening the 2EBBPs and ensuring their rule till collapse.

The small but “perfectionist” LT0.5%Gs also vote on the above lines of G2 – but only after a lot of arguments over which they may even further sub-divide their negligible numbers. Politically, their “perfection” is small-time ego.

Freedom of mind and structure of society entails that, even if there be a perfect political theory, its application will be a close approximation only, like engineering where we keep striving to achieve the best approximation. A country consists of hundreds of millions, not a few LT0.5%Gs. Better accept an FF-govt -- else accept continuance of today’s slide by the 2EBBPs. (Especially for O’ists: There has never existed in history a society that they may be attaching their dreams to, Atlantis. But: 1. one has to keep striving to reach as near to it as possible; 2. The FFs had the best society in the history of mankind so far, only because of which today’s American extravaganza is going on. The next best, the Romans and the Greek were far inferior. So forming alliances to form an FF-govt is the necessity of the day.)

Intellectuals have to learn Factors that lead to Collapse of Society:

Along with mind its allied phenomenon also manifests -- Difference of opinion and freedom of mind! And whether in primitive societies or in today’s NY, this phenomenon is the same, except that it was not identified in primitive societies, while in modern times the FFs of US enshrined it in the constitution. The difference in perception of reality leads to differences (and fights) amongst individuals. This is aggravated by the fact that man is not infallible, makes mistakes.

The dishonest and the evil take advantage of these fights.

Inability to peacefully resolve differences amongst better men has historically acted as one of the biggest scourges of man-kind. The reason is that all the evil and dishonest ones join hands, in all fields of activity, to defeat the good, whereas good men who generally live a life of “implicit individualism” (being good, they automatically respect each others’ liberty) remain separated because of these differences. Evil keeps on winning and yet the good ones are unable to join hands to oppose it. It is easier for evil to join hands because their alliance is only to defeat the good and destroy knowledge – not for creative purposes.

This was the reason for religion’s uniform victory and prolonged rule all over the earth, independent of each-other – because during those days, knowledge of “freedom of mind” not being available it made the task of evil men easier.

The FFs were never uniform in thinking – they even lobbied against each other. (This is in line with any large group of men anywhere on earth). But they knew that “freedom of mind” is not merely the freedom to hold and express any thoughts, but intelligent people understood its implication correctly – that they had to join hands against greater evil – this was the secret of their having subdued religious evil, despite religion being much stronger then than now. Unfortunately, they did not weed it out completely, keeping open a chance for its resurgence.

Today’s “intellectuals” more need to note this point than anybody else. In their conceit about “perfection” they have lost the ability to differentiate between bigger and lesser evil – instead of joining hands to reduce the government, they spend their strength against each-other. They are in a far better position than the FF-farmers – but that is because of the sweat, blood and courage of those farmers. LT0.5%Gs are unable to understand because their “great philosophy” has blinkered them. (Like the 2EBBPs, these too are caught in a channel of self-conceit – whose philosophy is superior, ours or theirs?) They don’t have any reason to blame “commies in the White House” or lower sections of society or anybody else. If anything, they are the ones to blame for the slide that is going on and on, particularly the influential ones amongst them. It raises the question whether they really are true to the ideas they proclaim to profess – the answer is known to their minds alone.

Let me reiterate to emphasize that even today, majority of Americans are likely to be good (far better than the impossible situation I struggle against in India), and recovery could be easily achieved – and only that intellectuals not leading them properly, could become the major problem.

My Quest:

Remaining 1 page is continued in the link below:


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people with similar political goals, viz. a small, restrained government and maximum freedom to the individual, came to an understanding for the purpose of reducing this government, while maintaining and declaring differences amongst themselves.

What are some of those similarities? In various debates over the Arizona immigration laws, I found myself entirely in disagreement, on all basic political principles, with most Republicans, including the ones posting on this forum. I'd love to hear just one principle they can consistently apply, that I agree with.

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You have read only the cover part, not the entire write-up posted by me in response to Maximus.

Answer to you is: Ayn Rand learned a lot from the Austrian School of economics -- but they are Libertarians, and the two sides act as if they are the greatest enemies despite sharing very similar politics, viz that of a small, restrained government that guarantees individual freedom. So also, there is a Constitution Party -- they are strong "believers" and I am a sinner. Because of my experiences in India (at the hands of fanatics here), I can say with a lot of confidence that as Americans they should be a hundred times better than fanatics here. I share with them political agenda of a the above govt -- but will not be able to join hands because of that "Christian" factor -- which has finally led to communists taking over the White House. Same is the state within lot of factions amongst these groups, and a lot of other smaller groups -- all of whom have ultimately delivered the White-House into the hands of rogues.

Republican Party, similar to their alleged opponents, the Democrats, have been cheating the populace, the more important phase of today's slide, mountainous debt due to war-mongering etc was started by GOP under the alleged acolyte of Ayn Rand, Sir Alan (Greenspan) -- both the big parties are winking at each other and sharing the loot by sharing power alternately. (This is standard arrangement in democracy, not specific to these two parties). Therefore a third alternative is necessary which can emerge from knowledgeable people -- who are unable to join hands over less important reasons.

For further details please read the entire article.

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