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Bound to the past with chains of tales told

Rusted by years of misuse

Held to the code its soul had been sold

With no legal claims of abuse.

A mind with its nature ignored and waste laid

Starved, slowly and thoroughly sure

Wrapped in false comfort for which it had paid

Embracing false hopes without cure.

The evil for which it had hoped to atone

Ensconced in a cloak of faux guilt

A practiced hand turned a heart into stone

Over which so few tears have been spilt.

Endorsing as others have over the years

Unwilling to parse out the lie

Evasion of knowledge in part due to fears

Have managed to blind the mind’s eye.

The key to unshackle lay out in plain sight

Obscured by thoughts of dismay

It is of unknown that many take flight

To the commiseration of religare.

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My mind

One of a kind

I cannot find

Do as we say, my parents did remind

Do as we all wish, it has been signed

Do as God commands

And divines

Our lives are intertwined, they opined

They must be wined and dined

And I resigned

Or I left behind

So I was benign

To those who would my arms bind

I surrendered what I mined

Smiling under the grind

My vision declined

My spirit confined

My being misaligned

With Hell's despair entwined

My mind

One of a kind

I cannot find


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