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Roark-inspired architecture?

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"Cause it's all Roarky looking? B)

In what way? Looks more "Bauhaus-y" to me. At best an attempt to make Wright look German. It's like this by Wright:


Plus this by Walter Gropius:


or this (Mies Van Der Rohe Pavilion):


...or should I say minus?

[Edited with links to illustrate]

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Lots of naysaying here, do you have any examples in mind of what you would consider outstandingly beautiful architecture? Or, at least, better than this?

I think the style looks a bit confused, with some bad and some good elements(what can I say, pretty lights and big windows often does it for me). The "dime a dozen" comment is actually quite true, I see houses like this pop up like weeds around where I live. I like some of them, but the ones in the link were not much to my liking at all. Anyway, i'm not just gonna come here and hate on what some of you may like(as long as you don't call it "Roarky" we can still be friends :P ). Let's instead look at some really beautiful houses.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, which has already been posted, is a given. My favorite though is John Lautner's Arango house:




Sheats & Goldstein house (huge pic):


Elrod house:

Elrod House

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Lots of naysaying here, do you have any examples in mind of what you would consider outstandingly beautiful architecture? Or, at least, better than this?

I olnly meant that first house - I don't even know the floorplans or any indoor details, but it looks as another contemporary house, very popular in areas where "styles" are not restricted by oppresive social or economic agreements. I don't mean disrespect to the architect but that house is not an example of the integrity, intention and shape that we see in descriptions of Roark's; certainly (and that was ALL I was saying) that house does not seem Outstandingly Beautiful.

Now, they are quiet popular and sprout rapidly:; here's what I mean, and in just a small Third World town:


@Alfa: Frank Lloyd Wright's houses certainly are outstanding and I personally love Lautner (thanks for those pics) but also Koenig's Stahl Haus: http://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/architecture/reading_room/10.the_making_of_an_icon.1.htm

This is just a small exampe of outstanding architecture, by Rafael Viñoly, there are certainly more and we could use this topic to find that Grial. This is just an outstanding building that allows the environment and its own structure to be all the ornamention it needs, and is thus obviously more beautiful from the inside than the outside ;)



But let's stick to villas:

Neuerdorf House

Elam et Bray 's Chmar House is perfect for a forest but has some sketchy random elements. I like the angles. Can't find links so DYOH. (now one of Nancy Pelosi's houses)

Then I could think of Eisaku Ushida, love him (I do) or hate him, he's created new construction processes and materials out of his pure ingenuity (like filling plastic ballons with concrete to roundy bubbly tiles) and embedded furniture. Go crazy:



So much man-made beauty in the World, and being a work in progress I refuse anything but living forever.

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