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A co-worker and I recently got into a discussion on the manufacturing of hemp as a replacement for wood and most building materials. I don't share his view simply because of my lack of knowledge about the subject, so I can't reject or accept his idea. All I could ask him to do was explain his viewpoint at the time.

He (Ben), claimed that hemp could be a better replacement for wood based on these ideas:

-Cheaper to produce

-Stronger fiber than wood?

-Uses less ground space and nutrients than trees

-Better insulation than wood?

He also said that hemp would be a better fuel than our current products because:

-Could be easily produced domestically without having to involve foreign trade

-Cleaner burning than oil

-More ethanol than oil

-Could be manufactured and sold cheaper than oil

I've been looking everywhere on the internet for information on the subject, but I can't find anything useful. Or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Anyone here know anything on the topic that they're willing to share, or maybe give me some links? Thanks.

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I'm glad someone brought up Cannabis.

I wonder if there are any farmers out there who can paint a picture for me?

I'm am constructing a short novel. It is actually a love story but the love story gets mixed up with the Mafia and legitimate grand-scale marijuana production.

Obviously I should check the internet myself or go to the library and read books. I will do that but while I construct the plot and develop the characters, I need some preliminary information.

What does the production of hemp, or a similar plant involve. In my story I want giant installations. What type of buildings will the farm require? What type of farming vehicles and equipment are required? I grew up in the big city so I know nothing about farming.

Can anybody help me?



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I certainly would not accept your friend's argument, if it doesn't go any deeper than that. I would want to see substantial evidence to back up these claims. For example "cheaper to produce" has to be relative to some output unit, and to be meaningful, it should be a unit of consumption (for example "as fuel to generate 100 kwh of electricity"). What is the total production cost: remember to include the cost of seed, fertilizer, water, fuel for the farm machinery, harvesting and so on. Are there hidden costs imposed by the government (gas taxes) that make a difference? If you can't get specific answers and respectable csources for these claims, I would just dismiss the claim as a pipe-dream. It could be right, but the burden of proof is on the hemp advocate.

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Well, so much for the burden of proof. I asked him a bunch of questions today and most of his answers were, "I'm not sure." I ended up just telling him that if he can't prove himself right, his argument doesn't mean much. Thanks for the links Jerry and Godless, I appreciate them.

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