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Glenn Beck: the Conservative Lenin?

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Not directly related to Glenn Beck and his Leninism, but here is some Trotskyist hate for Ayn Rand and (?) Glenn Beck apparently, praising the hero Whittaker Chambers, and denoucning Beck for moving away from "authentic conservatism" and "moving toward Ayn Rand's brand of [conservatism]" as well as lamenting Rand's giving capitalism a bad name by associating it with selfishness and greed.


Good grief. Because William F. Buckley said Objectivism is dead, it is dead. And because Whittaker Chambers said it was a horrible thing, it is a horrible thing. Does this man of the cloth *ever* think for himself?

Yes, man of the cloth, as becomes evident when you read his short bio. (He manages not to spew religion all over the article; I don't know how he managed to restrain himself.)

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