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12 Page Article on Rand

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There is a trash piece on Rand on alternet that someone sent to me. I disliked the title and early suggestions but than noticed this article was 12 pages. I usually just ignore these articles because they are ad hoc attacks, don't understand the philosophy or otherwise purposely misrepresent it. However they do certainly give, for instance, some of her books huge appraisal in the first page. I am going to give it a go and read the whole thing in a moment. I would love to see peoples personal critiques of this if they feel like they want to give it a go:


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Its contradictory and pretty worthless from what i gathered. he shows how popular and successful Rand was and is and then detracts her by association with people not even in her movement. It's somewhat pathetic. In the end he associates her with Reagan, Nixon and Beck and praises socialism and the left. At no point does he ever make an argument for his point but by detracting Rand with ad hominems, etc.

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I could only get as far as the top of the third page, where he accuses Rand of fascism. I don't mind reading a different point of view, but there is no point wasting my time on someone who lacks any understanding of his subject, or of fascism, a term he blithley uses as little more than a political epithet to attack Rand.

These days many people use 'fascism' as a synonym for "anything in politics that I don't like". Their concepts are so confused that they literally don't know what they're talking about.

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I got to page seven and started to write a rebuttal but shied away from the project. What I gleaned from it was a work of well-read sophistry.

The author of the article says Rand wasn't a novelist. Or a philosopher, for that matter; probably in some tongue-in-cheek, I can drop names and be really cute about pretentiously knowing more than you do, sort of way.

All Corey Robin is capable of doing is hurling epithets at her personally.

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