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The Ultimate Koncrete Kerry Ad

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What in the world makes you think so?!

(I am asking this question in my capacity as a moderator. I am suspecting you of deliberately posting a lie in order to mislead people into not opening the link.)

I concur. I am going to suspend "Yes"' posting privileges until/unless he offers an honest explanation.

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Im not a fan of Yes. However, I don't think one has to attribute dishonest motives to his claims.

The linked site's design is such that the file may not have started playing on his system. And in the middle of the window there, it asks you to email if you want a copy of the file. If the file didn't play, for whatever reason, it is conceivable that Yes concluded he had to send an email to them to get the file. So I think Yes' post can simply be atributed to sloppy observation of facts and therefore erroneous conclusions (which is very much in line with what I remember of his previous posts). One doesn't have to infer he was lying.

Thus, while there are possibly a number of posts which could justify Yes' dismisal from the site, I don't think this qualifies as one of them. If it does, then ALOT of other people here would have to have their posting priviledges suspended as well. :)

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GREAT SITE! I just emailed it to all my friends who support Kerry. :)

p.s. its possible Yes was using a public computer. earlier today I was at my college computer lab when I clicked on the link and they have the sound turned off them (as i found out) so that you cant hear anything unless you're wearing headphones. I too thought i had to register at first but didnt bother because I figured I could do it later at home.

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The Site you linked requires email address validation.

I'm not biting. :yarr:

I owe you all an explanation.

My post was merely meant to express what I think about having to comply with email validation on such a site.

It is possible the link had some meaning to you all, whatever that meaning was.

However, I do not like to reveal my email address unneccesarily to anyone, for concern that I could be spammed.

I apologize for any hostilities this might have caused to any posters on this site. I actually enjoy posting here, whenever I get the opportunity to. This site generally goes beyond fulfilling its goals regarding the discussion of Objectivism, and I thank the admins for continuing to afford me the privilege and opportunity to post here.

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