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Joe Hisaishi

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I just wanted to tip everyone who hasn´t yet listened to the greatest composer of our time; the fantastic Joe hisaishi (japaneese), who has, for instance, composed the music to all studio Ghibli movies.

Every piece of music I´ve heard never failed to enchant me; the melodies are clear and radiates an indescribable feeling of the joy of being alive. Everytime I listen to his music I feel; this is what the world should be like, this is my sense of life.

Maybe you share my sense of life, or maybe you don´t. Many of his records are however available on iTunes and ,according to me, they´re worth every cent.

My favourite pieces are;

Sonatine (works I)

The dragon boy/the bottomless pit (Hisaishi meets Miyazaki films)

The sixth station (Hisaishi meets Miyazaki films)

Madness (Hisaishi meets Miyazaki films)

Kids return (The Tokyo concert (live))

summer (Joe hisaishi meets Kitano fims)

Sea of blue (Hana-bi)

The ledgend of Ashitaka theme (Princesse Mononoke)

Asian XTC (Asian XTC)

A chinese tall story (Asian XTC)

view of silence (The best collection Joe Hisaishi)

794BDH (Shoot the violist)


Another fabulous composer is the french Yann Tiersen (composed the music to Amelie de Montmartre)

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