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The People have Spoken

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There was a poll recently for people to vote on which country to send Justin Beiber, one of the most hated Disney child stars ever, on his world tour.

The People have spoken. He's going to North Korea!


...and Israel as a close second... WTF?

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I'm not sure what the motivation was to choose Israel as the second. xD I think it's safe to assume people who didn't like him voted for North Korea. People who did like him, who knows.

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Well, I don't want to break rules 1 and 2 of the internetz, but I must say I'm proud :lol:. Even though he's obviously not going, just as the Jonas Brothers are not going to Somalia, and Miley Cyrus is not going to Antarctica, on the overall it was quite funny. I must have send like 15 votes :P . Anyways, they ended up finding out and restarted it, so in the end it was kind of pointless.

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