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Poetry, Short and Sweet

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Tall Poppies

Cut the tall poppy,

Cut it right down.

That's where we want it,

Flat on the ground.

It's blocking our view,

It's taking our light,

It must be too tall,

'Cause we aren't that height.

--Mindy Newton


by John Paul Sherman

There was a man who pricked his heart

On the thorn of an unfilled need,

Who clamped a bandage, crushed the smart,

Refused to let it bleed.

Yet, while fore-stanching bitter blood,

A sequel swell of liquid gall—

Crude tears--impinged; he damned the flood,

Refused to let them fall.

When no moist sigh could crack dry lips,

Nor a memory-dampened moan

Elude such arid censorships,

He felt secure as stone,

Till, on foot in an autumn week,

He heard, along the cobbled way,

A dead leaf scoff. He turned to speak—

...But the wind blew him away.

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We strain to produce,

Every day of the week.

No pardon or excuse,

No quarter to seek.

To live like a man,

To think, to create.

To reason and plan,

To earn all our weight.

We value our values,

We seek like and kind

We honour and use,

The sweat of our mind.

Our soul-born intention,

Is the crack that they seek.

A moment’s inattention,

They’re a poisonous clique.

We see not their deception,

As traders we act.

They skew all perception,

They waylay all fact.

Still we victims are required,

To play, and play nice.

For their reason has expired,

Their virtues are vice.

What is sought can’t be taken,

No demands will it heed.

So it sits unshaken,

Defies anger and need.

We are its masters,

They must count on our heart.

We’re greedy bastards,

Yet they need us to start.

To sanction implicit,

Their gaffes and their ploy.

To ignore the illicit,

To watch them destroy.

So don’t brush-off or dismiss,

All the evil they do.

For you’ll be remiss,

And their sanction will be you.

Copyright 2009

Martin Gasser

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Kneel to no man or woman, to no God or angel.

Be like Odysseus, craft your own soul, make your own path

And give praise and blame to no one unless they deserve it.

We have the power to create -- what more do you want?

Pursue your happiness, let others be concerned with theirs

How can you know what others want, anyhow?

Proudly inspire yourself, and expect your friends to follow as they see fit.

Take what you want and pay for it.

Celebrate your life, and let no one choose for you.

Never get caught depending on another,

Others will love you for what you have built into your soul.

God can only watch

Universe can only move

We can each watch and move

We are the integrators

Without us, nothing is.

Give credit where it is due

Uncertainty, choice, volition

These are the powers

Applied correctly, there is no limit to the power of creation

Learn to apply them correctly

If God exists, God will smile on you for doing so

If not, then you will still be in optimal shape.

There is no contradiction between me and you, God or not

Just so long as we live virtuously

In harmony with ourselves.

Those who see this can associate without blame

Those who miss the point will be unhappy.


Not easy.

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