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The BBC Likes To Say Silly Things About Israel

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Nullius In Verba

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The BBC like to report news that heavily infers things like 'Israelis are unwilling to live side by side with Arabs'. This is silly because it can quite easily be shown to be false. For example Arabs citizens have the same rights under the law as any other Israeli citizen. This is great for them because it means they have way more rights then they would have in any Arab country including things like freedom of speech, much more property rights and the right to free assembly. Strange actions by a state that is apparently unwilling to tolerate an Arab presence.

A recent study by Harvard (which isn't exactly known for its Philo-Semitic views) found that 77% of Israeli-Arabs would rather live in Israel than any other country in the world. This would be very odd behaviour from a people who are supposedly being oppressed by the Jews of Israel.

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