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Anarchist explains why individualism and natural rights are fallacies

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For those who enjoy reading opposing views.

This person actually has some reasoning capabilities, despite being completely wrong.

Murray Bookchin kind of hates everyone. Basically he is mad that Anarchists aren't the old school 19th century type of Anarchists anymore (atheists, rationalists, materialists). So he attacks what he calls "individualism", or "life-style" anarchism. Which is really what we would call whim worship. The Anarchist movement was basically corrupted by two different influences, Nietzsche/Max Stirner, and then the new left. Both influences are seen in politcally in multiple instances.

We have post-left Anarchists who are basically people who are inspired by Focault and the likes. They are against ideology.

There are right-wing Austrian nihilists. They don't believe in ethics but they say that a statless society would be preferable on economic grounds.

There are Green Anarchists. Earth Liberation Front and the like. Another related movement is Anarcho-Primitivism. Which advocates a return to nomadic lifestyles and is against technology.

What I found very odd about this paper is that he had a hard time staying on one topic. I can't really figure out how he thinks his various ideas are related. He starts off with these criticisms of classical liberalism which are at the very least not well made because of their lack of clairty. He doesn't define his terms at all.

After that he completely goes against the idea of decision making by consensus, but then moves on to say that democracy is a better method because it institutionalizes dissent. This to me was a blatan non-sequitor.

Then he start banging on the kids today and their selfish anti-social nystical view of Anarchism that has been corrupted by Anglo-American thought.


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