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Starting a Second Career

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Many of you know that I'm a Sergeant on a local police department. After 25 years of service, today is my last working day on my current department and I'll be retired (so to speak) effective October 1st.

My retirement will be short lived as I have accepted an officer's position at the Airport Authority! It's a slower paced job, but financially a significant improvement when coupled with my retirement check.

The transition comes with mixed emotions. I've been on my current job for over half my life and I've developed with quite a few friends that I will miss not seeing regularly. I will miss some parts of my job, but others will be good riddance (I won't miss responding to yet another drunken slugfest between two good "friends"). However, I confess that I will miss experiencing the adrenaline rush of responding to and organizing a "real" crime scene , helping a genuinely injured victim, and/or potentially catching the person(s) responsible.

It was hard to imagine when I started out on this journey that I would emerge on the other side not much the worse for wear. Some bruises and a couple broken bones.... not too bad.... a few crime scenes irrevocably etched into my memory.... I can live with.... no added holes... a big plus!

Onward to a slightly different job. As I said, it will be slow paced and largely a more mundane job on the whole. However, if something big does happen there, it could be catastrophically big. I guess I'll see. :)

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Thanks for your work RB, although I know you did it for yourself. I had the same feelings when I left the Regular Army to become a reservist. The only thing I can say is that the grass is just as green, and although it might have some brown patches of its own, all in all its just a slightly different kind.

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