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Information On Economists Needed

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Hi everyone. I'm a high school student and I am in the middle of a career course that requires me to gather information on a job of my choice (economists). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can take a few minutes of their time to answer a few of my pressing questions about my (future?) career.


P.S. If you are interested in helping a clueless high school student like me, just leave a message in the topic, and I will pm/email you the questions. And last but not least, thank you for taking your time to look through my thread. :P

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The simplest way for you to do this, would be to compare different main economic schools of thought. This information can be found quite easily. Chicagoan, Keynesian, and Austrian are the big 3 you would want to focus on. If you are looking for specific career information go to the bureau of labor statistics website and type in economist it will give you plenty of information including growth rates for the profession, pay, work environment, etc.

If you cannot figure out something specific based on doing those two things then send the questions to me in a pm and I will most likely be able to answer them. It is likely I will just have to wait a bit before I can support these fine artists properly.

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