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America's sense of life catches up with Superman

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Mister A

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I purchased and read this yesterday, and it's actually not too shabby. As Superman, the character is just as fantastic and has the exact same sense of life as the traditional Superman character. I actually like that they changed Clark Kent from a gargantuan doofball to a more normal (if moderately depressed) guy. Seeing him first come out as Superman had a lot more affect that way -- it's like Superman is who he truly is, that when he's wearing the cape he's free and that the Clark Kent persona is the mask he has to wear.

BTW, it's worth noting that they are not recreating Superman (like they did to Wonder Woman recently), only re-imagining him for this series. He will continue to be the big doof we all know in the rest of the DC Universe.

And now you all know that I'm a comicbook geek. :)

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It's cute when people that don't read comics think this alteration. Like Rudmer, it's a reimagining that will not be DC canon. It's a reimagining that is necessary for interest in Supes, really. He's a dry character and you can only write so much over 70 years about a hulking semi-deity.

It's also probably motivated by the comic book audience more than a sense of life. Comic book geeks are normally too wide to fit in the aisles at the book store or too scrawny to pick up a single issue comic. People like to read about people like them doing great things. See Spider-Man for the most famous example of this. Spidey comics started out with a guy who just a normal geeky kid with a new-found super power. He still had all the anxieties of a youth to deal with, along with getting treated like an Atlas by the people of New York.

I'm excited about the Earth One stuff. It's going to knock the really complex continuity on its ass and I might start buying comics again because of it.

STill, this was done by Smallville for Superman...I'm looking forward to some other character reimaginings, though.

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