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Victory - A Poem

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To give one's all, to have tried and failed

is a nobler fate than is received

by those, who through sheer luck prevailed

and in themselves, deceived

to feel, to no avail,

that hollow victories achieve

a sense of honor not made stale

from the rightful victor they bereave

For true success is never found in gold and trophies frail

nor in the hearts content to cleave

from the earned, the ascendant hail;

that greatest moment of reprieve

The only prize worth winning is the final breath exhaled,

after blood and sweat spent to conceive

a triumph, fought with tooth and nail

to in one's self, at last, believe.


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I like this one, Garrett. There is a little stumbling towards the end, but the best of the terms used are prevailed, avail, hollow, victor, ascendant (I know that is polyptoton for your favorite word), reprieved and triumph.

Keep it up.

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