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US Midterm Elections 2010

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I didn't vote, and I haven't voted since 2006. In fact I don't plan on voting for a very long time. There is more than a touch of cynicism here, but it's based on various reasons: everyone seems to forget what has happened in the past every two year election cycle, the advertisements and candidates insult my intelligence, and no one usually comes close to supporting my values. For example, some people, those of substantial age, have experienced decades of elections; yet, because of the constant cycle of focusing on 'this' election--which happens every two years--partisan politics still exists the way it does. No one in their right mind can ascribe what they do to the Republican party, after years of evidence to the contrary. As for the current Tea Party populism, don't blame me for being hesitant to support it, given that most of these people were no where to be seen for many years, they don't have a principled understanding of what they're supporting, and due to their lack of principles, got so involved due to some knee jerk reaction.

Of course, I'll be observing how these 'new' guys conduct themselves; if they do good, my cynicism can easily be cured :). In regards to yesterdays election results, I think they're good for one reason only, which was already mentioned: it's going to become harder to get things passed. And, no, I'm not necessarily against voting; some of you seem to have had some decent people and topics to vote for.

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