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Critique of the Rally For Sanity

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Really wasn't interested one way or another until people I am normally friendly with started frothing at the mouth and calling me a racist uneducated homophobe online while participating in these events.


So, I watched bits of it. Read some pieces of it. This piece seemed to sum up what I came away with pretty well.

So... today's progressive movement looks to two comedians, Sheryl Crow, Ozzy Osborne and Cat "kill Salmon Rushdie" Stevens for answers while denouncing the likes of Rand, Sowell, Hayek and Peikoff. No thanks.

That said, scanning the crowd I am struck by for all the attacks on the Tea Party as racist the Rally For Sanity seems much more ethnically homogenized than any Tea Party footage I've watched.

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Wow. That video is great; I think I'll share it on FB. I'm a little sympathetic toward the idea behind the Rally for Sanity. There are too many people, taking a ride on the populist train, just speaking partisan drivel. When people are angry, and don't know in a principled fashion why they are angry, then a call for 'sanity' is warranted and needed. However, as the video comically points out, some participants in the Rally are just as guilty of the same behavior.

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