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I know there have been a few threads concerning homosexuality, but this question is a little more generic- and sort of two fold.

The first question is: Did Rand ever explicitly spell out her views on Gender Differences, roles, etc..? She seems to imply Gender Differences/Distinctions in much of her fictional writing (women being "man-worshipers", Dagny having the ultimate "feminine feeling of being chained" when she wore Rearden's bracelet, etc..). And if not, has any Objectivist attempted to spell out an Objectivist view on this issue? Where can I find it? etc..?

The second is: Did Rand ever explain why she considered homosexuality grotesque? This is what I read on Wikipedia: homosexuality "involves psychological flaws, corruptions, errors, or unfortunate premises", concluding that homosexuality "is immoral, and more than that; if you want my really sincere opinion, it's disgusting."[3] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Objectivism_and_homosexuality). I haven't researched the source, but it's listed and seems legitimate. I know that she was not against homosexuality being LEGAL. But, it seems that she viewed it as extremely unhealthy, and I'm curious as to why. Any insights, thoughts, or sources???


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To start you might find this http://objectivistanswers.com/questions/990/what-is-proper-masculine-and-feminine-behavior-and-why ,this http://objectivistanswers.com/questions/8/is-homosexuality-moral and this http://jasonstotts.com/2010/07/objectivism-masculinity-femininity-and-homosexuality-initial-thoughts/ interesting.

Particularly the one with bold headings by BrandonMV in the 2nd link, and the 3rd link.

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Most of your questions have been answered in the homosexuality threads, and I would take the time to read those (they are quite valuable!).

As to gender roles, could you be more specific about what specific elements of gender that you are interested in?

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Perhaps Ayn Rands view on homosexuality was just a 'by product' of the time that she lived through?

No, it's not that simple as I believe you imply. But yes, her views on gender are a product of her time.

The XXc experienced a generalized emasculinization for Western Civilization.

The masses became more homogeneous with men working with women product of the wars (but really just of the latter stages of industrialization).

Wars were begun by "Great Leaders" who effectively hijacked the manhood of every male in the countries envolved under the veil of war.

Then the hippy wave, and before and after the misguided but somewhat justified Feminism.

Ayn Rand was a woman, but first she was an individual. She wanted to be a productive individual and a woman at the same time.

As a true woman (or a true gay man) worshipping the ideal of a manly man is essential to keep her identity.

Some would say that she wanted to have her cake and eat it too bt being a productive female and wanting stereotypically manly men. However here lies the fallacy: None of Ayn Rand's male heroes are stereotypically manly. Nor are the heroines stereotypically female.

She was conceiving a World where gender sexuality remained somewhat untouched by the social and behavioural changes that that same freedom she advocated to produced.

On the specific question of homosexuality, it just didn't fit that world, but I believe she made it EXTREMELY clear she was not to be regarded as an authority on the subject. When she talks about the malesness of males, and the femaleness of woman she is referring to straight people. When she describes the woozy wimps, she's referring to emasculated straight men.

Furthermore if there in fact is, or is developed, an Objectivist Theory of Sex (which again Objectivism is not Psychology but Philosophy), I'm sure it's going to have the precautions for 10% of the population, and even for that rare 1% that we don't often hear about.

Did that help?

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I appreciate the responses. I will need to do some more research based on some of the sources offered and mentioned here...and if after reviewing the already existent threads on these issues, I still have more questions/comments on the issue, I will bring it back up. Thank you.

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