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16 year old girl badass runner

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It's sad that they had to make it out as some sort of sacrifice to the team and the coach.

How did they do that? The closest they came to doing that was one of them saying that she was giving her heart, soul and body to the team. Obviously she was pretty damn dedicated to the race and her team, so I don't see any conflict with reality, or morality for that matter. Being dedicated to your team isn't "sad" when you're doing a team sport or whatnot.

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Great effort, but it's unfortunate for these kids that people still believe that long-distance running is healthy, or good for the heart. The evidence points to the contrary (1, 2).

It's probably true that insane amounts of cardio is not good for you, but cross-country races are not really comparable to marathons. 3.1 <<< 26.

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