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Mike Huckabee's ass get handed to him in a religious debate on his

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Actually, if you read the Wikipedia on the Ten Commandments here, you see that some disagreement exists among the religions on how they are to be numbered.

That bears on a finer, deeper point. According to Catholic dogma, no so-called "translation" of the Bible (not even St. Jerome's Vulgate) is the Revealed Word of God. Translations such as King James and New International in English as well as the hundreds (perhaps a thousand) others, are all no more than GUIDES to the Revealed Word of God which can only be known by reading the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts.

You might not want to get bogged down in Catholic theology, but this link from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia will get you started. Just search on "literal truth of the Bible" until you have read more than enough.

The short story is that the Catholic Church always warned against uneducated people reading for themselves.

A Protestant theologian, S. Werenfels, sets forth the same truth in a telling epigram:

Hic liber est in quo sua quærit dogmata quisque,

Invenit et pariter dogmata quisque sua,

which may be rendered in an English paraphrase:

Men ope this book, their favourite creed in mind;

Each seeks his own, and each his own doth find.

... which, actually, says a bit about Objectivism...

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