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Fallout New Vegas

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Mister A

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I was pleasantly surprised to discover this game being much more philosophically sophisticated than the last Fallout. The new factions represent a wide variety of ethical codes allowing the player to craft roles other than the duty-bound sacrificial pig or the whim-worshipping lone wolf. The following are the most prominent among several others.

The New California Republic: A well-meaning force for order compromised by inefficiency and corruption.

Mr. House and the Securitrons: Ultra-efficient, ultra-rational robots incapable of empathy but not quite Skynet either.

Caesar's Legion: Brutal fascist throwbacks with aristocratic pretensions.

Unlike the last game, NV actually drove home the point (intentionally or not) of how bad philosophy stymies recovery from an apocalyptic scenario even after 200+ years and only a mild/moderate reduction in the availability of resources and expertise.

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