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Yaron Brook vs. obnoxious generic socialist

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I could just barely to watch this to its end.

Hartman's dishonest interpretation of the General Welfare clause and his advocating the restraint of corporations or the rich

is rather childish if one stops to think the state is already muddying the water's of capitalism through its meddling in the process

through the ever increasing restraints imposed in the form regulations, codes, laws and bureaucracy.

It difficult to watch a show called the "Big Picture" which focuses on minutiae to the point of annoyance.

It also annoying to listen this same statist criticize anti-statists (Ayn Rand) for taking the state services they were forced to pay for.

Yaron did a great job laying out the common sense approach that our individual rights and choices are what make the republic

what it is and not the obsession to my a mob constantly vexed by the haves and have-nots out of a misplaced sense of envy.

This guy Hartman does a good job of pressing the call-warfare buttons.

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This guy Hartman does a good job of pressing the call-warfare buttons.

The really funny thing is that Hartman gave a positive cover blurb to Thompson and Brook's book Neo-Conservatism: An Obituary for an Idea. (Glenn Beck also blurbed the book positively, which is probably the first and last time those two will ever appear together on a book cover blurb list.)

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Well, there's really only so much you can do when you're being interrupted constantly, but I was disappointed a little with Yaron. He was less Socratic and more eager to hit Hartman with "OMG ROCKERFELLER WAS A GOOD GUY". He should have just waited for Thom Hartman to bring him up

Do you watch the ARCTV videos? Yaron is usually amazingly cogent. I'd agree though that this wasn't his best interview.

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