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True Grit

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The only good movie this holiday season is True Grit. I'm going to see it again.

One way to view the movie is to judge the various characters' level of focus, and what they are focused on. Another way is to examine respect, who respects whom and why and how that changes.

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I saw it today and will put in my own recommendation. Jeff Bridges was excellent, and it was a lot funnier than I was expecting from the trailer. The girl was completely focused on her goal, and repeatedly showed a fine sense of justice - she was adamant about not taking the unearned. There is also some wonderful scenery that has me longing to return to New Mexico. :D

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I always love a tale of a washed up loner becoming more virtuous as he comes to find value in life, so I thought the movie was good for that reason alone. That being said, Bridges let me down as Cogburn. Even when he was sober, the gravel in his throat made him unintelligible at times. Also, the Coen bros. stripped down heavily the character of Cogburn, making him a man that was only good at hunting and killing. I prefer John Wayne's Cogburn, a character with a sharp tongue and quick wit.

I give it a B+. Definitely worth the $10 ticket.

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