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Objectivism and Transhumanism

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Nowadays, in this world, very smart and physically strong people coexist with retarded, physically weak people.

Nobel-Prize winners and Olympic gold-medal athletes coexist with people with, say, Down's syndrome.

How do Nobel Prize winners and Olympic gold-medal athletes tend to treat retarded or diseased people? Do they tend to mistreat them? Do they violate their rights?

Sci-fi literature is used to present our species, in its current condition, as much more gentle, benevolent and sensitive than any post-human or trans-human being. This is equivalent to presenting Neardenthal men as more gentle, benevolent or sensitive than modern Americans.

Furthermore, the process of evolution from hominid pre-human species to fully human Homo sapiens was blind, while the evolution of our species from now on will be directed by reason. If blind, non-rational evolution produced such a precious, great, beautiful thing as the human mind, imagine what this precious, great, beautiful mind could create in turn!

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