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Good Books!!!

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Hi everyone!

I have seen the topic "Know any good books?" posted many times over the course of my participation here, and I have never been able to contribute, but now I can!

DiLorenzo's "How Capitalism Saved America" is the rational person's antidote to Zinn's "People's History of the United States." He quotes Rand and von Mises, and he presents a wonderful pro-capitalist argument in a rational and engaging way. I feel like singing to the world that this book, a history of how capitalism is the ultimate life-giver, was even published and in my lifetime no less! I recommend it to any student of objectivism who finds him/herself inundated with socialist muck as a poor replacement for what should have been the glorious study of history--the study of how reality exists and what happens when people ignore that fact.


Your friend Margot :)

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If there are any Tom Clancy fans out there, I recommend his latest novel, "Teeth of the Tiger". It's about terrorists striking in America again and doing things I'm sort of (pleasantly) surprised they haven't done yet in reality, and the agents whose job it is to take the suckers out. Classic Clancy.

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I have recently read How Capitalism Saved America, it has some very interesting facts in it. However I am pretty sure that he is a Libertarian not an Objectivist. On the same subject I am really looking foward to The Capitalist Manifesto by Andrew Bernstein. It dives into the philosophical case for Capitalism that outside of a few books like Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal has not been adressed.

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