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Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes

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Some of the American rightwing have come out in support of his performance because they like that he has brought the "Hollywood elite" down a few pegs. However a lot of people are saying he crossed the line of civility etc and that it was awkward and unfunny. What do you guys think?


The clip you provided didn't include some of the "offensive" lines that I heard he said. Although everything that it did include didn't seem very different that an average Golden Globes host or "Comedy Central Roast".

I mean it's not that wild to make a joke about Tom Cruise being gay, people have been doing that for years.

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Loved the "Thank God for making me an atheist!" line.

As for the perceived insults, they weren't insults. They were jokes, not meant to be taken literally. Most of the attendees loved them (Christian Bale and Pacino for instance both said he was great), only a few decided to get upset about it.

Some say that this wasn't Gervais' usual style of humor (Tom Hanks lamented about how he used to be a kind comedian). But if he really understood Gervais' humor, he would know that it's usually aimed at making people uncomfortable and causing an emotional reaction. He's never been a sitcom-like, setup-punchline-moving on to the next joke' type comic, he needs to create an unusual, uncomfortable atmosphere for his humor to work.

In this case, throwing a few rough jokes around is what it took to achieve that. I didn't get the impression that he hated the people he was joking about, only that he was consciously trying to take everyone out of their comfort zone.

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