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Are any of you players of Halo 2? I've been addicted to Halo for many years now, and I recently bought Halo 2 and xbox live. Anyone interested in forming an Objectivist clan? Let me know! By the way, my gamertag is Rational Egoist.

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You know-I think I am the only person who owns an Xbox and does not own Halo or Halo 2. I was not, and am not, impressed by either of them. Sure Halo is fun to play a bit at some LAN parties...but for the most part, especially with Halo 2, I felt like I was playing something that has already been done (Half-Life...).

Rome: Total War on the other hand... :D

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I will be getting Halo 2 for birthday or x-mas hopefully. I have a 3.5 month old boy so not much time for video games ( cherish your time! ) or I would be all about an Objectivist clan! Kind of have to plan a babysitter to do anything other than change diapers, feed, etc the boy. whats all this Halo hating. It kicks tail! The innovation is the graphics, the AI ( smart foes ), and the multiplayer. Nothing better than to roam around and kill all your friends in a tank! Or even better running up to to a friend in a tank and killing them with a pistol!


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I play online every now and then, but since I can't get DSL in my bedroom, I have to move my XBox upstairs and my TV since my other TV doesn't have AVI jacks. My tag is Cogitatio if you ever happen to see me on. I'm not on that often though, since it's such a hassle for me to get on right now.

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