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AS Movie Part 3 to be a Musical?

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The concept of a musical adaptation of Rand's work isn't facially absurd. The most recent issue of ARI's "Impact" newsletter mentions a 3-act musical adaptation of Anthem put on by a theater company in Austin that apparently turned out quite well. The success of the Broadway adaptation of Les Miserables shows that it can be done to great and complex novels.

The thing that makes Aglialoro's comments absurd is the idea of doing just one part out of a trilogy as a musical. A musical is a different genre from straight drama. Doing Atlas Shrugged as a trilogy in which two parts are drama and one part is a musical would be a glaring genre shift in the middle of what should be a tightly integrated work. Imagine how you would react if you sat down to watch a movie and it played as a regular drama for 75 minutes and then people broke into song during the last half-hour for no explained reason. You'd assume the movie had been cobbled together, badly, from parts created by two different people.

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