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My Law

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Note: I am not looking for tips regarding my writing style.

My Law

By: Summer Hamori

I am absolute. Consistent and perpetual. The start and the end. That first spark – the initial breath was mine, and mine alone. I am erected, built and solidified; independent of all support and guidance – there could be no question. What I took – you took twice from me.

Threats were met with steady eyes – break everything. Do it. You’ll make me stronger. Until I can defend myself, I dare you to. In fact, I demand it. I have risen to reject these worthless games. I came from nothing, and there is nothing behind me. Alone. Each footstep –

You can’t control me. I am the start and the end. The means and the purpose. That first spark – the initial breath was mine, and mine alone. I won’t have it. I won’t have you look at me with those eyes – with those eyes of sadness…

There is nothing to pity. Not in me.

Edited by Summer
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