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via Objectivist Jim Matzger: Here is a good way to eliminate some government liabilities. In this library the residents take care of the open air library calling it a 'library of convenience'. There is no registration needed, you can take a book away and replace it with another 24 hours a day. It trusts that people will find that it is in people's rational self interest to keep the library stocked with books.


"Open-Air-Library has been build up for two days and the shelves have been filled with book donations. The residents took over the energy of the temporary project and opened up an informal district library near the site which now offers more than 20.000 books. The outdoor space as an addition has been designed together with the residents and opened in June this year."

More proof that when government stops providing something people will be more than willing to come together and replace the service the government had provided, whether its a community a private-business or a single entrepreneurial-minded fellow who sees an opportunity."

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