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Though not specifically about music, this is music related and may be of interest to other forum members.

Amazon has recently opened its Cloud Music Service. It starts with 5 GB of storage and they have a web based Cloud Player as well as an Android Cloud Player app.

They have a promotion for now that if you buy an MP3 album, your Cloud account will be upgraded to 20 GB of storage for a year (versus paying for the additional storage option). New music purchases from Amazon are automatically saved to your Cloud Drive and DO NOT count against your Cloud Storage capacity.

All and all a pretty sweet deal in my opinion.

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Has anyone tried it out meanwhile? I think that this cloud approach is a pretty promising deal, because personally I grow tired of always carrying around Terabites of data. Do you think there will be a limit to how much data volume people will be able to carry around? Or will millions of people be able to carry the library of congress on their smartphones in a few decades?

I think not, and that the cloud has the ability of making some kind of hyper-brain, like the ultimate online music collection. Companies have already recognised that, and some are able to make decentralized operations world wide while still acessing and improving their database. So why not do the same for entertainment media? If the preice is affordable you could easily get enough consumers together to make this kind of business worthwhile.

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