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Well, I'm fairly new to Objectivism, but I'm hear to learn.

I'm 16 years old, I'm in a christian family, I was brainwashed in those beliefs since my inception, but now Ive had it, serving some invisible master...

The objectivist philosophy appeals to me greatly, every aspect, amazing!

Well, I intend to stick around and learn from you fine gentlemen and scholars.

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Where/when did you first learn about Objectivism?

I actually find out through the game Bioshock, I was drawn to the the Ideals(though some were flawed in the game, but still.)

Also, Ive heard the name "Ayn Rand" tossed around on FOX a few times, thought I'd check her out, now she's one of my favourite authors, and definitely my favourite philosopher.

It's a great relief coming out of Christianity, sense it requires you to have such a low view of yourself, It didn't help my major depression at all(and my pastor told me I was depressed because I'm a sinner), but since I got rid of those beliefs, I have finally found peace.

But yes, It's quite rare finding anyone our age who even considers philosophy, so it's nice to meet you!

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Welcome aboard Dionysus!, I'm 18 years old myself and still have yet to shed my faith (hey, I'm a preacher's kid, what can you expect?).

It's really awesome to see people my age actually MOTIVATED to do something other than sit around on their butts all day. I find insightful people to be worth getting to know.

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Nice to meet you. I think you will be fairly comfortable here. There are a number of us that are in the younger ages. I am 22 at the end of this April, however there are a good handful of people that are within the 16-22 age that roam about here. A good few of the younger ones frequent the chatroom (top right corner0 along with myself pretty frequently as well. If you have a facebook, and are into general networking, I have found it to be quite helpful and enjoyable for myself to facebook friend a lot of Objectivists and as a result we have conversations more often and I see quite a bit of related news regarding current events that I would not have been aware of otherwise.

If you are interested in doing so send me a private message and I can link you to my facebook account and perhaps hook you up with a few other Objectivists. The Objectivist "society' is quite unique and varied, from 15 year olds in Texas to Lawyers, Doctors, ex-MIT/Harvard students, College Professors, Businessmen, Construction Workers, entrepreneurs, plumbers and so on.. we have a fair number of people from New Zealand, Sweden, Australia and the like that I have encountered. We aren't the largest group but there is more than enough "character" and diversity to make up for it and with the rise of the internet and other mediums it has made it much easier for us to connect together.

May I ask what you have read? That is usually a good way for us to get an idea of where exactly you are at knowledge wise. Again, nice to have you here.

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May I ask what you have read? That is usually a good way for us to get an idea of where exactly you are at knowledge wise. Again, nice to have you here.

Well as far as Objectivist literature, so far Anthem and I'm a little more than half way through Atlas Shrugged(I'm pretty new to it all so I haven't read much.)

But I plan to complete all her novels, then move onto her non fiction.

Also Ive done a good amount of reading online at http://www.importanceofphilosophy.com/

Though a lot of the reading I did was back when I was in religion mode and instantly disregarded some of it, so I need to do some re-reading to let it sink in.

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