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I see the same dozen or so names buying and selling most of the Objectivist tapes on ebay. No sooner do I pay one person for a tape set than I find him bidding against me on the next set. As such, I've created a mailing list for people interested in buying and selling Objectivist tape sets. I also hope to encourage leasing and trading, two things that can't be accomplished with ebay.

Join at http://www.windwhip.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/ott if this is of interest to you, even if you only want another place to advertise an auction.

The list charter reads:

Welcome to the Objectivist Tape Trading list. This list is for the buying, selling, trading and leasing of tapes and CDs related to Objectivism.

You are welcome to periodically list what you own and what you are looking to lease or purchase. Feel free to arrange exchanges in the forum in order to build trust and visibility of the process. Links of interest to listeners and collecters - such as reviews, new releases, and auction sightings - are appreciated and encouraged.

Copyrights are respected here without exception. All posts are moderated so that I can keep the list free of spam and abuse.

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This seems like a really smart idea. I do have one question for you concerning a part of the service. I am asking this publically, because I suspect others may wonder about it as well.

I know you specifically indicate that copyrights are respected without exception. Concerning the leasing etc of purchased audio series and the like, though, have you actually confirmed with the copyright holders whether the right to lease etc such materials is granted in/by the sale of those items? If it is, I am surprised no one has created such a service already. I would imagine the demand for such a service would be great (relative to the size of the Objectivist market for such things of course). As such, it makes me stop and wonder if there is a legal reason such a service does not already exist.

I ask this question because I am ignorant as to the specifics of the law in this instance, not because I believe the law in fact does prevent such usage. I actually hope that there is no such legal impediment. And if not, when I am able, I may indeed utilize this service.

Good Luck!

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IANAL, but US list members trading and leasing shouldn't present a problem in any case where tapes have been purchased, not licensed from the publisher.

US Copyright Act states that the owner of a lawful copy can "sell or otherwise dispose of" the copy. In the 80s, when movie companies were trying to squash the burgeoning video rental business, the courts verified that rental was considered disposition. The stores merely can't retain a copy or make any use of the material until it's been returned.

There are a number of companies already doing audiobook and other tape rentals, but there's no focus on Objectivist materials. I'm assuming this is because the high price of Objectivist materials combined with the lower demand would mean they would have to charge hefty prices and take a huge risk on any loss or bad inventory choices.

It's a good point that people in other countries might want to check local laws, however.

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