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I thought I'd share this with those who may be interested and I realize this won't be for everyone.

The artist that does my tattoo work listens to a lot of indie alternative music while he's working. Most of it isn't really my cup of tea but if it helps him work, more power to him. When I was getting my flag tattoo finished a group called the Old 97's came across his playlist and it was one of those sounds that I liked as soon as I heard the song.

They are categorized as Alt Country, which to me seems to be good rock vibes with some country oriented instrumentation and sort of country styled lyrics. At times the pace of the songs seems almost punk. I really think some of the style is more Western than Country but not so many care about making the distinction these days. Considering they came from Texas it makes sense though. Most of the songs seem to tell something about the band members lives (I'm assuming), being on the road, loves lost or gained, regrets, etc. While I find the stories often interesting, not to mention the lyrical style, it's their rock grove that just drives them over the top for my taste. They've quickly become one of my favorite bands.

Luckily for me, they did a show in Charlottesville last week and I was able to go. It was a bit of drive and we had to stay overnight but it was worth it. They were even better live than I expected.

I've linked a couple YouTube videos so you can hear their sound. Enjoy!

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Love these guys. Discovered them on internet radio about 10 years ago and have seen them live several times, not to mention a couple of solo Rhett Miller shows. Check out the song "Murder (Or a Heart Attack)" if you haven't already.

Yea, love that song. It's about their sound guy's cat getting loose. I've got Rhett Miller's solo stuff as well as Murry Hammond's solo album.

I'll go see them whenever they are even remotely within travel distance from now on.

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