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dream_weaver, I think you missed the difference between the Free State Project (NH) and the Free State Initiative, which was a new state somewhere.

Regarding funding, voluntary financing can be a lottery. Why not start one now?

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On 4/14/2004 at 1:34 AM, clarus said:

And I have no problem with you advocating Objectivism. What I am saying is that talk is cheap. How about you and the others on this list create an Objectivist Project to get Objectivists to move to New Hampshire. Come show us up...


By your definition, since it's you who decide what to work to create. I think it's your problem that you think abstractions can be made absolute, consistent across all people, and perfectly concrete (no greys) without artificial/man-made definitions and continual acceptance by the individuals within a community. Capitalism is no more well defined than life, liberty, and property. Both are words which (can) trigger differing definitions and behavior. Rand's definition of Capitalism is one, mine is another (that it is simply an economic system whereby the means of production are owned/controlled privately), but individuals decide which they will choose to use.



I do not for moment believe we have reached the point where the sacrifice needed to move to an idealistic scheme run by Libertarians whom I don’t count myself in with, is equal to the opportunity there is simply by virtue of working hard in the UK as I do now. I rather like my Country as it is as well you know. 

It might not be Objectivist but it is allowable to simply be happy with where one lives. You add up the good and bad and say to yourself ‘well that’ll do.’

I totally agree with your points and I wish you and your partners well, it sounds a bold experiment.

I’m just not sure that living in a society that follows one specific point of view above all others is all that important. So long as men of virtue and character, and industry exist worldwide I will I hope be privileged to know of them and to hopefully work for and with them.

We aren’t in Atlas Shrugged and the rewards are still there.


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